Friday, September 26, 2014

September quilts for Project Linus

Oh how nice it was to gather and see everyone at Project Linus.   Gina didn't think very many would come as it was such a nice day outside.  But we had a great crowd.

I didn't think I'd gotten much done over the summer but the stack was sort of impressive.

This was a piece of quilted fabric that Ann Tuss had given me.  It had been "bound", sorta.  I cut off the "binding" and rebound it.  It looked so plain I felt it needed something.  I was thinking of my Raggedy Annie and Andy panels but couldn't fine them so used this Noah's Ark from many years ago.  Then turned it over and traveled stitched on the quilting that was already there.

The flying geese pattern was our March pattern.  I'm not fond of the traditional layout so found this Wandering Geese layout.  I'm wishing I'd reversed the color scheme, I think the geese would have showed up better if they had been the dark brown on the light back ground instead of the light on the dark.  Lesson learned.

On the back I made big geese.  They were fun.

My goal over the summer was to get some UFO's done.  These were left over half square triangles from the heart block we'd done two, three years ago.  I did have to make the orangie ones to get nine squares.

We were given a set of X block temp-lets and used them in April.  I had extra blocks so put together this little quilt.  I kept moving the flimsy from one place to another all summer until I decided to spend a day and get it quilted.  Didn't even take a day.

Gina had been given some "eyelash" material and thought they would be good for some teenager. Doing it in the envelope method it was fast and easy.  The trick was to use enough pins to hold it together.

In the closet we had this bright fleece that went perfect with the "eyelash" fabric. 

It was hard to give this one was sooo cuddly and warm.


  1. Looking good! Whoever gets the eyelash blanket will also appreciate that it's so cuddly and warm! Willow has loved her blankets that are like that!

  2. Love the butterfly print inn that fleece.