Friday, September 26, 2014

Rosie's Quilt

Rosie asked if I would make her a quilt after seeing the graduation quilts I'd made.  She and Tony had been so good to Chris when he drowned the Black Cat that I had no problem saying I would make her one.  She wanted a Queen/King size.  Humm, maybe I should have reconsidered.  No, I was happy to make her one.  I found a quilt top I'd already put together that was just the right size. 

The pattern is one I modified from a picture.  Added a border and then wondered where in the world I was going to find a place big enough to get the basting done.  Fortunately, mom had moved out by then and I used the floor of her bedroom.  Wish I'd taken a picture.....the quilt just about filled the room and the room wasn't that small!

Then trying to get the quilting done was interesting, to say the least.   As you can see, it took up the whole sewing table and more.  I was so happy Chris had made me this table.  It really helped with  supporting of the quilt.

I wanted to heavily quilt the "non" color parts so the circular design would show up more.  To emphasize the round theme I used this spiral design in the bigger squares and just a back and forth design in the small rectangles. 

I think it turned out pretty well.  I didn't quilt the print fabrics since I wanted them to stand out.

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