Saturday, May 17, 2014

It Ain't Easy being Green - ScrapHappy Saturday

Here it is the 3rd Saturday of May and this is the first post I've been able to write this month.  I've been working on graduation quilts and a wall hanging for our Project Linus coordinator.  One weekend I went to see my granddaughter (she was else where).  So its been a busy month. 

But I did take a little time to make a few blocks for the sampler quilt and the string HST quilt.  I've got one more graduation quilt to finish up and then the wholelast week to work on green!  Yay!

Hope on over to  SoScrappy  and see what others have been doing.


  1. Lovely blocks for your sampler quilt.

  2. Nice contrast on those green blocks - it can really make or break a pattern! Can't wait to see your graduation quilts. They're all for boys?

  3. I love your blocks in green!

  4. Love your green blocks. My goodness. You have been busy!