Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graduation 2014

There are two graduates this year....Bryce Widhelm and Logan Benjamin.  These are the first boys quilts since I've started making quilts for graduation.   Bryce definitely wanted a quilt, I wasn't so sure about Logan. Making a quilt for a boy is different then making one for a girl.  Or maybe it's just that I don't feel they would like a scrappy quilt like I've made for the girls.  Anyway, I did more planning for these quilts. 


In looking for a pattern for Bryce's quilt I was looking for something modern and eclectic.  I found a couple of patterns I liked on Pinterest but this one was the best for Bryce.  In doing the research I found out this was the back of the quilt the person made and not the front. 

He wanted a gray/black quilt with lime green. 

Having to draft the pattern myself I started with a 14" middle square and three inch stripes for around the squares.  When I got the middle panel all put together it was way out of proportion.  I took it all apart and cut the middle square down to 12".  Much better balance.  

I quilted this a panel at a time.  The middle panel was easy to quilt but adding the two side panels weren't as easy as the instructions I was following said it would be.  But in the end every thing  worked out fine.

 Julie, Logan's mom, had said a few years ago that Logan wouldn't want a quilt, he'd want more of a boy gift.  So I decided to ask Logan if he'd like a quilt.  After thinking about it a bit he said he would like one.  So much for what moms know.

He wanted dark blue and red for his quilt (the blue is a lot darker then it looks in the pictures.)  When I saw this one on Pinterest there was no question in my mind that this was the quilt for Logan.  With Bryce's I teetered between a few designs but every time I looked at this quilt it just said "Logan".  

When I was quilting the blue it reminded me of fields being plowed for seeding.  I was wishing I had a GPS on my sewing machine so I could sew straight lines.  Someone commented that these lines looked more organic.  Thanks for the excuse.

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