Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Teal" I hear you sing. - ScrapHappy Saturday

In the interest of using song titles I think I slaughtered this one.  Oh well, there are no familiar song titles with the word "teal" in them.

  These are the blocks for the Building Blocks Quilt Along with Lea Day.  There are four of them, one is hiding.

After pulling all the blue-green scraps out of the blue scrap bin I decided I should look to see if I had any green-blue scraps in the green bin.  Wow!  There is a wide range of color between blue and green.

I put this together before I went searching for the green-blues.  I'm thinking of making another one with just the green-blues.

And last but not least the Daisy Chain.  I decided to start putting them together regardless of what colors come's a scrap quilt, right?

Hope on over to ScrapHappy Saturday and see what everyone else is doing with "teal".


  1. Yes there is a big difference between the blue - greens

  2. Love the daisy chains together forever! There are an amazing number of shades between blue and green. Who knew?

  3. You have so many pretty projects in the works. I love your daisy chains together!

  4. Beautiful fabrics. Love your blocks.