Saturday, March 29, 2014

Teal - ScrapHappy Saturday

Today is the last Teal Saturday of the month.  I haven't gotten much done in Teal the last two weeks but I now have ten of the sampler blocks, which is what I'm aiming for with each color.

One would think I was using two unrelated colors for this month.  I like how these have turned out and they will give a lot of variety to this sampler quilt.

Head on over to ScrapHappy Saturday and see all the other beautiful things others are doing.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Quilts for Project Linus

This was a month of getting UFO's done.  It sure feels great to get so many of them finished!

Here's my stack to take to Project Linus.

 Gina had put out a plea for large boy quilts in late Dec. or early Jan.  I already had these materials cut into strips so sized the strips and framed them in black.  The problem was in getting it quilted.  I got a cold in Jan and the cold medicine I took gave me a rash on my legs.....just like the reaction I had from the Leviquin two years ago.  There were other things that interfered, also, so now it's March and it's done.

I'd found this adorable combination of fabrics quite a few years ago....a few reorganizations ago at JoAnn's.  It's been made up for a long time, just waiting to be basted and quilted.

This is another quilt that took forever to get finished.  I bought the picture squares so many years ago I just can't think how long I've had them.  Found them in Oregon sometime when we were visiting Aunt Wonlyn.  I think the girls were around 10 & 8,  Just didn't know what to do with them so just kept moving them from one place to another.  There's 10 of the prints, the other one's on the back.

I made this quilt last spring, I think.  The white and green strips had been made for a different quilt but didn't fit well with the other materials so used it for this one.  I had started quilting it and had gotten quite a bit of quilting done when I looked at the back.  I don't know what I did when I basted it but the back was a mess!  Folds every where.  So I very patiently (haha) unquilted it. It sat around and sat around until finally I bit the bullet and finished it.  It sure is a relief to get it done and out of the house.

This was our January block for Project Linus.  It's a disappearing pinwheel.  Slicing the pinwheel in third's each way and rearranging them creates the churn dash with a pinwheel in the center.

There is a blog that started a make-something-from-your-books challenge.  This was the first one I did.  I don't think I'll do any others.....just too much to do.  I did it in February, in which the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color was pink.  This is more salmon then pink but close enough to work for that.  It measures 18 x 24 inches.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Teal" I hear you sing. - ScrapHappy Saturday

In the interest of using song titles I think I slaughtered this one.  Oh well, there are no familiar song titles with the word "teal" in them.

  These are the blocks for the Building Blocks Quilt Along with Lea Day.  There are four of them, one is hiding.

After pulling all the blue-green scraps out of the blue scrap bin I decided I should look to see if I had any green-blue scraps in the green bin.  Wow!  There is a wide range of color between blue and green.

I put this together before I went searching for the green-blues.  I'm thinking of making another one with just the green-blues.

And last but not least the Daisy Chain.  I decided to start putting them together regardless of what colors come's a scrap quilt, right?

Hope on over to ScrapHappy Saturday and see what everyone else is doing with "teal".