Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Pink Panther strikes again - ScrapHappy Saturday

This week things just seemed to fall in place. 
The nine patch pieces just jumped out at me and said "we go together!".  And the four patch pretty much did the same.  They were laying on the table and I kept looking at them and finally decided to put them together.  The half square triangles were already made in my 1 1/2" box so just had to assemble.  Didn't have enough to make a full 6 1/2" block so added a border.

Lighting sure makes a difference when taking pictures.  The colors in the top picture are pretty much the same as this picture but look much darker.

 The star block is another one that the squares were already made I just had to put them together.

I'm still not sure this falls into the pink color range.  I found the striped material and wanted to use it as a border.  This salmon was in with the pinks, probably because I didn't know where else to put it.  The match to the little flowers is perfect.  This is a "preemie" quilt that goes to the baby ward at the hospital.  It covers the bassinet, about 18"x24".

I have too many 1 1/2" strips and my box wont hardly shut so I decided to make some string blocks.  I've seen a pattern on Pinterets that makes half-square triangles with these.  I thought I'd try them.  Had to catch up with the blue.

Drop on over to soscrappy and see what others have done.


  1. Good job. I need to start making more than on e block. :)

  2. Such a great collection of pinks put to good use. Great productivity

  3. What a great idea to do string blocks in a single color. I take it you will be cutting it in half and then sewing them together? sounds neat. My 2" strips are overflowing... but I really am trying to finish things rather than start things!

  4. gosh, I like the strip pieced blocks too! Just like that. Hmmm I've gotten a lot of good ideas today!

  5. great blocks and I love the little quilt xx

  6. Pretty blocks, and I love your strip blocks. You've given me some ideas.

  7. some great blocks there, I love the one with the tiny HSTs