Saturday, February 8, 2014

ScrapHappy Saturday - Pretty in Pink

Just can't think of any song titles that use the word pink for the title of today blog.  The word of the day here is white.  We have had snow on the ground for over a week with temps as low as -27*.  It is looking a little better for next week and being the second week of Feb. spring can't be too far away, even in Montana.

I got my sewing machine back two weeks ago and made up for lost time.  And then yesterday, as I was working on my 3rd quilt, all of a sudden the needle wouldn't go down!  Arrg!  So back the the shop it will go.....hoping it's just a minor adjustment.

These are the 6" blocks I made this week.  For the right one I had picked out the light and the dark but had a hard time choosing the medium color.

 Pink is not a color that I use very much of so I was surprised I had 36 different pinks for the 36 patch block. 

Leah Day's Building Block for Feb. is this 9 patch.  I just love the print fabric and wish I had enough of it for a big quilt.  These will get quilted as the month progresses.

I wish I had a better place for a picture of the chain rows.....or I could take pictures outside.  :)   My pinks are working their way down to just solids.  Which is may force me to make a solid color quilt someday.

I think I've made two large quilts out of this material and still had enough left over for this baby quilt.  I'd forgotten about it last year so pulled it out and found 2 1/2" strips and a stack of 1 1/2" squares.  I've since added a 1/2" border around the quilt and will sew all the small squares together for another border.  That will pretty much take care of the rest of this material. 

Linking up to ScrapHappy Saturday.  Go check out what others are doing with their pink scraps.


  1. What a great variety of pink projects you have going on! So fun to find UFO's and get them finished up.

  2. Very pretty pinks. It is always fun to finish UFO's.

  3. Thirty-six different pinks. Wow. Looks lovely.

  4. Snap! I too am combining Soscrappy's RSC with Leah Day's FMQ building blocks. I've done my blues for January but have still to construct the February blocks. Love all you pink projects you have done alot! Very pretty pinks in them too.

  5. Fabulous pinks. You were making up for lost time. Look at how much you got done! The chain blocks are going to make such a great top. I can already picture it!

  6. I love the chain blocks. I'm absolutely going to try that design.

  7. Nice pink blocks, especially the chain! I must try to make one.