Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rhapsody in Blue - SoScrappy Saturday

Haven't had much time to quilt this week.  My machine is back in the shop getting the new part put in.  Really surprised at how quickly the part came in.  Maybe next week will see things back to normal.  I was starting to get nervous about not being able to quilt as I have five quilts to quilt and two flimsies.  Would like to catch up on those before I get too carried away on more tops.

In the interest of participating in three challenges using the same block, I made this cute little quilt top.  Vroomans Quilts is starting a Let's Book It, challenging us to use the quilt books we just HAD to buy.  I think this challenge will weed out a lot of books on my book shelves.

 This block is found in the book Time-Crunch Quilts, by Nancy J. Martin.  Looking at some of the designs in the book I didn't think they were too time saving.  I don't think this is a book I'll be keeping as there is only one other quilt in it that I like and will make.

This block measures 14" square and I didn't want to make just the little quilt that's in the book.  So I think I'll make three more blocks, sash them and add a border to make it a good baby size quilt.

I'm also linking up with Cat Patches NewFO and SoScrappy and the last blue Sat. of the RSC.


  1. Pretty blue blocks. Glad you are sorting through your books. It is always nice to get rid of things we know we won't use.

  2. Nice quilt top. I'm interested to see what you do with the other colours.

  3. I love the colors in your block. Hope your sewing machine gets home quickly!

  4. That's just gorgeous. Great blues that you chose.