Thursday, January 30, 2014

January's Project Linus quilts

 Since I was unable to go to Project Linus in December I had more quilts to take.

This fish was a product of not liking the back that was supposed to be the front.  I did all the "water" quilting before I appliqued the fish and bubbles on.  The idea came from Pinterest.

This is the very uninteresting back.  All the blocks were supposed to go the same direction but got messed up when I didn't pay attention to my placement.  But it made a great back for the fish!  Just made the quilt in reverse order, no problem.

Teal was the July  color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This is one of my favorites.  I just happened to have some lovely teal scraps for this quilt.

 I should have done some ribbon quilting on this August RSC red quilt.  The squares look like packages tied with ribbon. 

For the month of October at Project Linus we did a repeat block, the 10 minute block.  It was a rerun and a very fast block.  I keep trying to figure out how to do fancy quilting without breaking thread but usually end up doing something really easy.  Hence the straight lines.  Placing the materials as I did the pattern turns into a bow tie pattern.

Marsha was given some already cut squares a few years ago.  They were a heavy type of cotton and didn't make very soft quilts.  I would have gotten rid of the last of them but this red material with the railroad and houses was just too cute to not make up as a baby blanket. 

Found in our stash of materials at the Lodge, this quilt was started with strips sewn and extra material with it.  I use some other strips that I had that seemed to go with the theme of "wild".   I started to just make it bigger but got tired of sewing strips together so I put the purple cross pieces on and added the strips going in opposing directions.  The size wasn't right so I chopped off about 8" and put that piece on the back.

Ann wanted to teach a quilt pattern and so for Nov. she came up with this very simple block.  If I'd seem a picture of the pattern before I cut the pieces it would have turned out different.  Once I had the block made and sewn in strips I was thinking of what I should use for a sashing.  Ann suggested using the monkey material......which made the small squares float.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the back!  It took more time to put together then the front did.  I'd found different monkey fabric and put it together with some yellow.  Turned out quite cute.

Looking through my flannels I found some pink and yellow/green strip sets already sewn.  So I cut them to make squares.  However, I didn't cut them  the right size so had to sew 1" strips on 2 sides to make them square.  I seem to be doing that a lot lately......not measuring, measuring, measuring before I cut.  Old age creeping in? 




  1. Wowee, that's a lot of quilts!! The fish is quite cute. Your teal one reminds me of Willow's baby quilt, so I automatically like that one. :) The red and white crosses also has a little European flare to it. The "wild strip" quilt turned out quite cute too. Old age? Hmmm, shouldn't you know better by now? ha! I'd chalk it up to going too fast, or {dare I say it} laziness? Not that I would know anything about that... :) Spoken like a true daughter!!

  2. love all the quilts, Great idea putting the fish and bubbles on that quilt xx