Saturday, January 4, 2014

I've got the Blues.....ScrapHappy Saturday

And so starts another year of using up scraps.  This months color is blue.  Oh my!  Lots of different shades of blue.  As I was sorting out the blues from my 3" squares box I ended up with four different piles of blues, besides the pile of turquoise blues and the grey blues.  Lights, darks..... those were easy to separate.  But when it came to the bold blues and medium blues it was a different story.  I have one piece of blues that just don't fit with any of the others.  

For this year's ongoing block, I chose a quilt called Daisy Chain.  Found it on Pinterest (wonderful place to find quilts!)  Each row is a different color so I think it will look great when it's done.  There are only 6 rows so maybe I'll get two different quilts done by the end of the year.

In cutting squares for the block I seemed to be having a senior moment.  Used the wrong size for the half-square triangle measurement and ended up having to use a different white material because I'd cut the first ones too small and didn't have enough to re-cut them. Oh well, now I have squares for a different quilt.

Link up with SoScrappy and check out what others are doing.  Looks like a lot of us are needing to get rid of  the ever present scraps.


  1. What a fun block. Pinterest is such a great place to find quilt ideas.

  2. Great block for this challenge. Looking forward to seeing your rainbow quilts.