Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby's got Bule Eyes.....SoScrappy Saturday

Keeping up on all the quilts I want to do in the rainbow challenge may stretch me a little thin.  I decided to follow along with Angela's 6" sampler blocks.  I was going to make them 9" blocks but I had left over HST from the chain quilt that were the 2 1/2" size so just used them and....ola` blocks are going to be 6".

The 2 blocks on the top, left aren't the right shades of blue but maybe we'll get to that color down the road.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the little nine patch blocks.  Was just having fun with the blues.

I made these two weeks ago but didn't post them because I was sick that day. 
These are this week's blocks.  I could have done a better job with the Attic window one....turning the last piece around so the big white circle was on the other end.....still may change it......just depends how OCD I get.

I started doing Leah Day's Building Blocks Project thinking that each month I would do the block in the RSC colors.  It's a quilt as you go BOM and I think it will be fun and very simple.

I took my Bernina into the shop last week for a cleaning and to find out what was making the funny noise it was making.  Well, it wasn't good news.  The bracket that holds the needle bar is wearing down and needs to be replaced.  Having had my machine for 13 years the question is "do they still make the part?"  I hope so.  I've gotten all of my moneys worth from this machine but would like for it to last a little bit longer.

Hop on over to SoScrappy to see the other blues.


  1. So sorry to hear that your machine is sick. I have just gotten mine back after a long trip to the repair shop and it was no fun at all. Hope they can still get the part for you. Don't feel too stressed to keep up with RSC, anything left at the end can just get wrapped to next year. It happens all the time.

  2. Good selection of blocks to do a few different things

  3. Nice block collection. This should turn into something special, even the little 9-patches (border cornerstones?)

  4. Hope they can find a part for your have more pretty blocks to make!

  5. Funny (not funny) that a piece on your machine is worn down. That's a lot of sewing!!! Hope it's not too expensive. Love your blocks.

  6. Oh no! Never good when you get that phone call about a machine. I hope the part can be found quickly so you are up and running again. Great selection of blocks - they will all blend in at the end.

  7. Hope you are feeling better now.Love the blocks you've made xx