Saturday, September 27, 2014

Love is Orange - ScrapHappy Saturday

I love orange.  It is such a bright, cheery color.  How could anyone be grumpy or sad when they had an orange quilt to wrap up in?  Drop in on ScrapHappy Saturday to see what others have done with this lovely color.

This is some "eyelash" material that was given to my Project Linus chapter.  I took it and backed it with a orange and yellow fleece, sewing it envelope style.  It turned out so nice I just about decided to keep it but I was sure some teen in need would get much more enjoyment out of it.  Besides, I already have an orange fleece blanket.

This is the block for Leah Day's Building Blocks quilt.  Her's were all the same two materials.  I have never liked track homes so I certainly wasn't going to make four all alike.  The dark house with the light roof has a pumpkin under the window.  I didn't have enough of the house material for that little square so gave them a pumpkin.

The one block I got done for the sampler quilt.

This is the quilt we made at our first Project Linus blanket day of the season.  Used up some left over Halloween fabric.  Trying to think of a good spooky quilting design.

Friday, September 26, 2014

September quilts for Project Linus

Oh how nice it was to gather and see everyone at Project Linus.   Gina didn't think very many would come as it was such a nice day outside.  But we had a great crowd.

I didn't think I'd gotten much done over the summer but the stack was sort of impressive.

This was a piece of quilted fabric that Ann Tuss had given me.  It had been "bound", sorta.  I cut off the "binding" and rebound it.  It looked so plain I felt it needed something.  I was thinking of my Raggedy Annie and Andy panels but couldn't fine them so used this Noah's Ark from many years ago.  Then turned it over and traveled stitched on the quilting that was already there.

The flying geese pattern was our March pattern.  I'm not fond of the traditional layout so found this Wandering Geese layout.  I'm wishing I'd reversed the color scheme, I think the geese would have showed up better if they had been the dark brown on the light back ground instead of the light on the dark.  Lesson learned.

On the back I made big geese.  They were fun.

My goal over the summer was to get some UFO's done.  These were left over half square triangles from the heart block we'd done two, three years ago.  I did have to make the orangie ones to get nine squares.

We were given a set of X block temp-lets and used them in April.  I had extra blocks so put together this little quilt.  I kept moving the flimsy from one place to another all summer until I decided to spend a day and get it quilted.  Didn't even take a day.

Gina had been given some "eyelash" material and thought they would be good for some teenager. Doing it in the envelope method it was fast and easy.  The trick was to use enough pins to hold it together.

In the closet we had this bright fleece that went perfect with the "eyelash" fabric. 

It was hard to give this one was sooo cuddly and warm.

Rosie's Quilt

Rosie asked if I would make her a quilt after seeing the graduation quilts I'd made.  She and Tony had been so good to Chris when he drowned the Black Cat that I had no problem saying I would make her one.  She wanted a Queen/King size.  Humm, maybe I should have reconsidered.  No, I was happy to make her one.  I found a quilt top I'd already put together that was just the right size. 

The pattern is one I modified from a picture.  Added a border and then wondered where in the world I was going to find a place big enough to get the basting done.  Fortunately, mom had moved out by then and I used the floor of her bedroom.  Wish I'd taken a picture.....the quilt just about filled the room and the room wasn't that small!

Then trying to get the quilting done was interesting, to say the least.   As you can see, it took up the whole sewing table and more.  I was so happy Chris had made me this table.  It really helped with  supporting of the quilt.

I wanted to heavily quilt the "non" color parts so the circular design would show up more.  To emphasize the round theme I used this spiral design in the bigger squares and just a back and forth design in the small rectangles. 

I think it turned out pretty well.  I didn't quilt the print fabrics since I wanted them to stand out.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Orange Blossom Special - ScrapHappy Saturday

I love the color orange but in looking in my scraps and stash I don't seem to have very much.

I do have some very orange gladiolas that were just beautiful this year.  Fit right in with this months color.

I did get some blocks made.  I really liked the upper right hand block but it was hard to get the seems to come out right so it made the 6 1/2" square.  The plus sign is made out of turkey material.  Can you see the gobblers?  haha.

The four-square blocks were left over two patches that I put together and the other block is called "Confetti".  A whole quilt of this block would make diamonds or stripes.

And the 12 strip block.  These may wait another year to get put together so I can have enough blocks to make a quilt.

This is a fuzzy, fury material  that I sewed to the fleece in the second picture.  It was kinda messy to work with....when you cut it there was lots of yarn all over the place.  But it is so nice now that it's done.  It will warm some Project Linus blanket child and brighten their day for sure.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Put The Lime In Da Coconut- ScrapHappy Saturday

I think I'll be glad when summer is over and things can get back to "normal"  (what ever that is).
This month I moved my mother to a retirement home.  And of course, it had to be the hottest summer ever.   She is as happy as a lark.....wishing she'd moved a year ago.  And today it has been raining all day.  At least today wasn't moving day.  Would much rather have heat then rain.  Summer is officially over in Montana, for sure.

I didn't get as much done as last month.  In fact I was rushing this morning to get a few more blocks done.  Actually, I was putting off the king size quilt I need to start quilting for a friend.

I liked using the light green.  A lot of fun combinations.

I had to cut 1 1/2" strips for this block.  Other months I've had enough strips already cut to put 12 together but not this month. 

These are for the Building Blocks Quilt Along by Leah Day.  The center squares are suppose to be something special.  Since this will be a kids quilt these squares seemed appropriate.  I think I should have used different material for the twirls but I really like the way these two pieces went together so used them anyway.  

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

ScrapHappy Saturday - Lady in Red

Angela tells us we're saying good bye to red.  It seems like I just got started!  

July has been just about as busy as June was.  Daughter #2, with her children, and I went to So. Calif. just after the 4th for a family reunion on my side.  Went a little early so we could do a few other things.  Hubby ended up in the same place so we all went to the beach and had a great time.  Daughter #1 and family joined us the next day and we went to an amusement park for the day.  Got to spend time with Hubbies brother and sister-in-law before we went to Beaumont for the reunion.  Great time and wonderful to see all that came from far (England) and near.  

Even though I put 2880 miles on the car I still found some time to do some sewing.

Some of the blocks for the sampler quilt.  The "flock" square used material I've had for too many years!  Still have too much of it.

The other sampler blocks I got done .....most of them today.   :) 

And the disappearing 9 patch blocks for Leah Day's Building Blocks quilt.  Yes, one is different.  Can't have them all the same, now.

The last of the sampler blocks.  These were fun to make.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

the Yellow Submarine - SdcrapHappy Saturday

I can't believe June is almost gone.  I have been gone every Saturday this month so haven't had time to blog.  I have gotten a lot of yellow used up, tho.

 I think this is going to be the last row of chains for this quilt.  It's just the right size for a Project Linus quilt.  This has been an easy and fun quilt to make.  I was thinking the yellow should have been more in the middle of the quilt but I decided to add each color as they came and the outside is where it ended up.  Maybe a dark binding will help it.

I was wondering if I would have enough 1.5" strips to make this square.  I could have cut them from other sources but I wanted to use up the smaller strips.  

My Building Blocks Quilt-along blocks.  Yes, one is different.  I just didn't have enough of the sunflower material to make four blocks and since they aren't placed all in a row I didn't think it would matter too much.

I was able to keep up with Angela this month in the sampler blocks. They go together so fast.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Jade Monkey - ScrapHappy Saturday Green

It's the last Saturday of green.  It looks like I got a lot done but this is 2 or 3 weeks worth of work.  I got the graduation quilts done and had this last week free to finish up some green things.

Some of the blocks Angela chose for us.

These blocks were made from left over squares from other projects.

My blocks for the Building Blocks Quilt Along with Leah Day

My Stackn'Wack monkeys.  It is interesting how different they all are.  I found that one should use quality fabric for this method because the repeats aren't perfect on the cheaper fabrics.  Not sure yet how I'll finish these.

I did have time to make a quick quilt top.  I love the Houndstooth pattern because to me it looks like cats with their ears and paws.  The green material is some I bought many, many years ago.  I was going to make a skirt with a lot of tiers of ruffles.  In thinking of all the gathering I needed to do I just put it away for another day, which didn't come.  This quilt was much easier then the skirt would have been.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graduation 2014

There are two graduates this year....Bryce Widhelm and Logan Benjamin.  These are the first boys quilts since I've started making quilts for graduation.   Bryce definitely wanted a quilt, I wasn't so sure about Logan. Making a quilt for a boy is different then making one for a girl.  Or maybe it's just that I don't feel they would like a scrappy quilt like I've made for the girls.  Anyway, I did more planning for these quilts. 


In looking for a pattern for Bryce's quilt I was looking for something modern and eclectic.  I found a couple of patterns I liked on Pinterest but this one was the best for Bryce.  In doing the research I found out this was the back of the quilt the person made and not the front. 

He wanted a gray/black quilt with lime green. 

Having to draft the pattern myself I started with a 14" middle square and three inch stripes for around the squares.  When I got the middle panel all put together it was way out of proportion.  I took it all apart and cut the middle square down to 12".  Much better balance.  

I quilted this a panel at a time.  The middle panel was easy to quilt but adding the two side panels weren't as easy as the instructions I was following said it would be.  But in the end every thing  worked out fine.

 Julie, Logan's mom, had said a few years ago that Logan wouldn't want a quilt, he'd want more of a boy gift.  So I decided to ask Logan if he'd like a quilt.  After thinking about it a bit he said he would like one.  So much for what moms know.

He wanted dark blue and red for his quilt (the blue is a lot darker then it looks in the pictures.)  When I saw this one on Pinterest there was no question in my mind that this was the quilt for Logan.  With Bryce's I teetered between a few designs but every time I looked at this quilt it just said "Logan".  

When I was quilting the blue it reminded me of fields being plowed for seeding.  I was wishing I had a GPS on my sewing machine so I could sew straight lines.  Someone commented that these lines looked more organic.  Thanks for the excuse.

The Green, Green Grass of Home - ScrapHappy Saturday

Well, the graduation quilts are done.  What a weight off my shoulders!  It is sooo nice when something with a deadline is done.  And I finished them with a week to spare.  (Separate blog coming for them).

I was able to get the green chain blocks done last week.  I think one more row will make this quilt just the right size for some teenager.

See that monkey square?  I just had to include it.  I think there was five yards of that material.  I've made two small quilts using this fabric and one of them has the monkey backing.  I still had 2 yards left so cut out  Stack-n-Wack  blocks.  I'm still working on them. 

The Shooting Squares blocks are left over from last  April's green month.  And I must have made too many  Hourglass squares so I framed them only to find I didn't calculate right and had to add an inch frame of the pin stripe to make them the same size as the Shooting Squares block.

This was a fast quilt because most of it was already done.  I had a piece of green minky for the backing that's been around for awhile. I love the way minky drapes and is so cuddly.

 My dear hubby made me this table top that we placed on top of a table my daughter was discarding when they moved.  It is soooo nice.  Every day I use it I love it more and more.

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