Saturday, September 28, 2013

ScrapHappy Saturday Baby Blue

I thought August was a busy month!  September took off at a run.  I'm still waiting for life to slow down, and I don't have any children at home that are starting school.  But I did pick up my 20 year old granddaughter from the train station this week (the reason for the business) and even tho she's living with my mom I still have to take her around town to find a job as mom doesn't drive any more and doesn't have a car.  It's going to be nice to get to know this granddaughter better as she's lived a long ways away for many years and we've only gotten to see each other once a year, at best.

Searching for baby blues in my scraps was not an easy job.  Blues not being my favorite color I just don't have a lot of it.  And, since the graduates all seemed to want blue quilts, the blues are going fast.

 I thought I'd give you a teaser look of what the whole quilt will look like.  I've been looking at different quilting designs in anticipation of quilting it.  Of course the design will include some kind of rain drops.  I'm thinking of sashing it with a rainbow material, if I can find the right piece.  I bought one piece the other day but I think it is too bold.

To get other quilter's take on the blues hop on over to SoScrappy.


  1. These are all so cute. What a fun quilt it will make.

  2. They look so cute together! Just make sure your sashing doesn't take away from the cuteness of the blocks, but rather accents it. Maybe something light blue with rain drops?