Friday, June 28, 2013

ScrapHappy Saturday - Yellow

This is the last Saturday for the color yellow.  And I actually got my yellow quilt done.  I choose this  Baby Mobil by Kat Conklin Designs and drafted my own pattern.  Looking back at it I didn't make it quite like hers so that makes mine unique, right?  I thought the black "frames" would bring out the yellow more then it did and the muslin background helped to wash out the  yellows.

The bottom picture was taken outside after the sun went down behind the mountain at the back of our house.  Really needs some sunshine to bring out the colors.  You can see the colors a little better when the picture was taken indoors.   

When cutting out my scraps there was an Easter egg print (top right) and a pumpkin print (bottom left) in the yellow scrap box.....oh well, might just as well add them.

I took a class from called "Creative Quilt Backs by Elizabeth Hartman.  She has some wonderful ideas and since the fabric I choose wasn't wide enough, an I had plenty of yellow 5" squares cut I created a fancy back.  I think I like the back better then the front.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

ScrapHappy Saturday Challenge - Yellow

June is finally here and the sun came out and there is summer.  Perfect for the June color choice of yellow for the Rainbow Challenge over at SoScrappy.  Yellow is one of my favorite colors but it's not a color that stands alone well.  And I don't have very many scraps even being one of the favorites.  

I'm starting to get anxious to quilt this quilt....I can just see the raindrops on the umbrellas.   I think this yellow one will need the quilting so it will stand out from the background more.  Looking forward to getting all 12 of them done....half way there.