Friday, April 19, 2013

Scraphappy Saturday Challenge - Green

Woo, it's been a busy month!  My granddaughter competed in the state Geography Bee the first of the month and of course I had to go watch her.  It was a wonderful experience and we are very proud of her finish; 11th out of 100 students.  Boy, some of the questions they were expected to know!  I sure didn't know them.  And then I got to spend five days with her and her brother while mom and dad went to Idaho to look for a place to live.  Not happy about the move but they have to do what they have to do.  Anyway, I enjoyed the week with the grandkids.

So, all that to explain why I'm so far behind in my green month.  Making the umbrella this time in green I just am not as enthralled with it as I am with the earlier colors, especially the orange.  Maybe it's having used the greyer greens and not the bright yellow-greens, which I don't seem to have any of.

The contrast between the background and the green just isn't strong enough to make the green stand out, I think, but it will fit in with the others just as well.