Friday, February 22, 2013

Scrap Happy Saturday - Purples

Before quilting
Having only this last Saturday in February it was a push to get my purple quilt done.  And it still isn't completely finished.  As someone mentioned when she was making her daughter a purple quilt I didn't have a lot of purples to choose from.  I must not have used a lot of purples in the past.

I chose Leah Day's butterfly feathers to quilt in each block.  The only trouble is her block is only 4 inches square.  Mine is 12 inches square.  I think it looks as close to hers as I can get but as I was quilting the "feathers" they reminded me of fingers and fingernails.  :)

So far I have 7 blocks done.
Not too bad when each block took half an hour to quilt, and a full bobbin!

 EDITED 3/2/2013

This is the finished quilt.  What a spectrum of purples.  I'm calling it "Passionately Purple


  1. Wow, that is a lot of quilting. Trying out new patterns can be so much fun.

  2. Wow, great quilt. Love that quilting for the blocks. Love how the blocks have the off set sashing.

  3. Awesome quilt. I agree. The quilting does look like fingers : D