Friday, February 22, 2013

Scrap Happy Saturday - Purples

Before quilting
Having only this last Saturday in February it was a push to get my purple quilt done.  And it still isn't completely finished.  As someone mentioned when she was making her daughter a purple quilt I didn't have a lot of purples to choose from.  I must not have used a lot of purples in the past.

I chose Leah Day's butterfly feathers to quilt in each block.  The only trouble is her block is only 4 inches square.  Mine is 12 inches square.  I think it looks as close to hers as I can get but as I was quilting the "feathers" they reminded me of fingers and fingernails.  :)

So far I have 7 blocks done.
Not too bad when each block took half an hour to quilt, and a full bobbin!

 EDITED 3/2/2013

This is the finished quilt.  What a spectrum of purples.  I'm calling it "Passionately Purple

Monday, February 11, 2013

Scrap Happy Saturday - Purple

I found this adorable umbrella quilted wall hanging by Nanette Merrill at One of a Kind from Friends Hive
and I thought it would be perfect as a rainbow quilt like she'd done hers only with 12 blocks instead of the four she made.   I had to draft my own pattern but that was no problem.  And since I decided to do this quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at soscrappy I had to catch up and make the pink umbrella, also.