Sunday, December 16, 2012

UFO Sunday, Red Jacket

 I'm glad Leah said UFO's don't have to be only quilts!  The other day the drawers next to my sewing machine started calling me, loudly.  When I opened one drawer this is what popped out of it:

Pulling it out I saw it was a fleece jacket I'd cut out many, many years ago.  Why didn't I do anything with it then?  There were four darts, which I didn't like to do back then, and I needed lining.  So I got the darts done and sewed the seems all up. 

And then I put it back in the draw!  Guess what?  I still need to get some lining.  :<{   Maybe after Christmas I can get back at it.

Also hiding in these drawers are a vest (more darts), a skirt that is way too small for me now, and a wool coat that needs batting.  Next year!  Promise!

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  1. Well you did make progress, maybe it's a WIP now?