Friday, December 7, 2012

UFO Hearts and Bows - Finished

How sweet it is, another finished UFO!  It feels great and almost like a weight off my shoulders.  And this is my oldest UFO so progress is being made.

The Montana breeze was blowing enough to plaster the quilt against the fence.  We haven't had too many day without a strong wind...just part of living in Montana, I guess.

Leah Day asked us on Monday what our favorite quilt designs were.  I guess I would have to say those with loops as I did the background of the Bows in Loopy Lines.
I did the  background of the Hearts just in an echo stitch....nothing fancy, but wanted it different then the Bows.  Used Leah's homework for busting Flower in the center of the Hearts.
I like the way it fits the heart shape.

 With the oldest UFO done and on it's way to Project Linus I could play with a teddy bears sleeping bag for a little girl who just got a new baby brother.  And as he's getting all the gifts I thought she needed something, too.
 Using the Paisley for the bed part of the sleeping bag I realized that's another quilt design that is my favorite.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, though there are a few things I would do differently if I made another one.  Mostly making it a little bigger for the size of the stuffed animal.

UFO finishes:
1. Barn Wall Hanging
2. Cross stitch
3. Hearts and Bows


  1. The bear bag is just too cute! Nice job on the paisleys :-)

  2. Great job on the finished UFO. Those are always good to cross off the list. And bravo for doing a Project Linus item too.

  3. Yay!! Here's to UFOs shot down. :D