Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 I decided to do Leah's Matrix design to quickly get this quilt done as it's going to New York with other Project Linus quilts from Montana to help with the Sandy relief.  Only fast wasn't in the works yesterday.  Too many interruptions and then my bobbin started breaking thread about an inch or two after starting a new row of stitching.  Finally figured the bobbin was wound funny and used a different one........

 ..........only to start having skipped stitches!  Patience...I can deal with this.  I'd had that problem once before and knew it was the needle that needed changed changed.  Did that but still had "toe catcher" skips......
At that point it was late enough in the day I decided to quit, thinking I might have to take my machine in for a check up, which had been done in Aug.  Decided to try one more needle change this morning and BINGO everything worked fine.
I love the way the back looks.  I used orange thread and thought it would disappear on the orange (looks yellow in picture) but it was the pink that it got lost in.

My question for Leah....what size needle do you use?  The first two I used were 90/14 and the one that worked was a 75/11.  How much of a difference does the size of needle make when quilting.  The 90/14 was recommended by my Bernina repair man.


  1. I'm glad you tried one last time - it looks great! I love the Matrix design. My Bernina people suggest a 80/12 - but I have used other sizes with success. I think sometimes we get 'bad' needles. ~Jeanne

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  3. Love this design and colors. Very up-to-date.