Sunday, October 7, 2012

UFO Sunday #7--Hearts & Bows

 My UFO's aren't disappearing very fast.   Maybe I have too many other things to work on.  I've got the bows and hearts quilt top all put together and basted so now all I have to do is think how to quilt it.

 The last heart blocks I quilted I did feathers on them and it turned out beautiful but I think I'll do something different on these hearts.  It's hard to tell the middle sashing isn't the same color as the rest.  If I do enough quilting on the sashes maybe the pin dots will disappear.

This dog baby quilt was what was taking most of my time.  It had to be done by last Saturday and I glad to say I even had time to spare after it was done.  He was fun to make, didn't think I had enough kid prints to make each strip different but there were even some I didn't use.  Mom was thrilled with it, now just hope baby likes it.


  1. Those are 2 awesome quilts! Love the weinner dog!

  2. No one would know the sashings are different colors unless you tell them (can't tell it from the pics for sure!) - love hearts and bows - and the weiner dog is such a creative quilt!

  3. I think the imperfections make our quilts more special. I didn't see the difference in the sash color either. And the weiner dog is too cute!

  4. Love both projects! I've been seeing that doxy dog quilt pattern around and desperately want to make one!
    The hearts and bows is breathtaking!