Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trapped Pailsey FMQ #36

This week on the Freemotion Quilt Alone with Leah we put trapped Paisley in the gaps of Flowing Lines.  I love how it looks but it seemed to take forever to get from one side to the other.    Maybe it was because I was doing it on a 10 1/2" block and not in a 4" border.  I'm sure it would go much faster and watching Leah makes it look so simple.
I almost wish I'd used the backing for the front.   The dark green didn't show up real well but it is really nice.  I'm definitely going to have to try this out on a real quilt someday.


  1. I love both sides. Very cool across the whole block.

  2. It's definitely time consuming if your Paisley is very small. Next time try expanding it a bit and see if things stitch up faster.



  3. It looks wonderful! It does take time but it was worth it! It really made a great looking block! ~Jeanne