Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Sunday #4--Ann's Quilt

 A dear friend of mine asked me to repair this quilt that her grandmother made about 50 years ago.  I wish I'd taken pictures of it before I took the ties, binding, backing, and batting off.  Ugh!  It was terrible.  The backing was so full of holes it was hard to hold onto.  The batting was old cotton. 

I  was glad when Leah started her UFO Sundays and gave me the incentive to start working on it.  I had put it aside last spring because I didn't want to work on it.  So out it came and the "bricks" were put in.  Didn't take very long, so why the procrastination?  Probably because it wasn't "my" project.  Leah hit that one right on the head with that revelation.  I have a few other projects that are UFO's for that very same reason.
It's hard to see the "bricks" I've taken out, the grass didn't show up like I'd hoped.
 About eight of the "bricks" had holes in them from either smoking or something else.  I chose to take one row off and use the good "bricks" to replace the "bricks" I'd removed from the quilt.
 I had just enough good "bricks" to replace the removed ones.
On the middle left you can see a little bit of the batting that remains.  The dark white line on the red block is what's left of some heavy paper the sewer used.  It's sewn into the seam and is only on the red materials.  

There are many different materials all cut from clothes or left overs from clothes the sewer made.  There is corduroy, suiting, cotton duck, maybe even some wool.  

Now I think I'll try to get it dry cleaned, as it is very dirty, before I choose a backing and batting and tie it.  A UFO again for awhile?  We'll see.


  1. Wow, that is truly amazing, not sure I would have the patience for this. Good luck with it!

  2. All this for a friend? You are an angel from QuiltHeaven!

    Good luck, and can't wait to see the finished quilt!