Saturday, September 29, 2012

UFO Sunday #6--Barn Wall hanging

A few years ago for my birthday my mom made me this barn quilt wall hanging but just gave me the top and told me I could finish it any way I wanted.  Ugh!  I thought and I thought and I thought some more.  I didn't really like the idea of a wall hanging so I thought maybe it would make a great table cloth.  The problem, though, was trying to decide how I was going to make it big enough to put on my table.

 So it got put away.  Last year I painted my laundry room and decided to add my sewing to half of the area.  In decorating it I pulled this barn out and pinned it to the wall.  Later I decided to put the black border around it, maybe to give me some incentive to quilt it someday.  Thanks to Leah Day and her UFO Sundays I have started to quilt it.

I really couldn't think of any FMQ to do on the barn walls so just did straight stitching.  Not sure what color thread to use for the flowery meadow, black because of the right hand corner, or cream, or even green for grass.  That will have to wait until next week as I have a baby blanket to finish by Sat.

I'm auditioning this green plaid for a background to this I spy dog.  I ended up using a high quality muslin instead.  I like it much better.  And I gave him a black ear as the one in the picture got lost on the muslin.   Now just to quilt him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snake Paisley - Quilt along #32

Continuing with the pivot designs on The Free Motion Quilting Project I found this design easier to do then last weeks Lava Paisley but I think it's because of having done the Lava Paisley.  It helped to have that design under my belt.  I continue to appreciate the progression of the designs and the fact we are building a repertoire of quilting designs.

 Others have mentioned this design reminded them of flames.  I was thinking it would look great as leaves around a flower design.....just one here and there.  This design gives great texture and movement to this piece.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFO Sunday #5--Hearts & Bows

I can't remember when I started this quilt.  It could possibly be my oldest UFO.

 I had planned to embroider a babies name and birth date in the center block but for some reason (lack of baby?) I decided to put another heart block in the middle only to find I didn't have any more purple pin dot material.  Trying to find material to match that purple was impossible and has been up to now.  No, I didn't find pin dot but I did find some plain purple that went very well.  Just had to wait for the shade to come back around again, I guess.

 So then all I had to do was finish the heart block, cut more sashing and posts and I'd be in business.  At this point life interfered again and now I need to get back at it.  But the quilt's in no hurry to get done......after all it's been at LEAST 25 years or so since I start it......what's a few more months?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lava Paisley #31

 Wasn't sure I'd have time to get this week's design done in time.  I've been taking my mom to physical therapy twice a week and it really bites into my free time as I live out of town. 

I found this design harder to do as I don't seem to do wiggly lines well.  I liked the smooth lines of paisley much better but I'm very glad Leah is introducing us to new designs and variations of each design.  That's the only way to grow and find what you like.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

UFO Sunday #4--Ann's Quilt

 A dear friend of mine asked me to repair this quilt that her grandmother made about 50 years ago.  I wish I'd taken pictures of it before I took the ties, binding, backing, and batting off.  Ugh!  It was terrible.  The backing was so full of holes it was hard to hold onto.  The batting was old cotton. 

I  was glad when Leah started her UFO Sundays and gave me the incentive to start working on it.  I had put it aside last spring because I didn't want to work on it.  So out it came and the "bricks" were put in.  Didn't take very long, so why the procrastination?  Probably because it wasn't "my" project.  Leah hit that one right on the head with that revelation.  I have a few other projects that are UFO's for that very same reason.
It's hard to see the "bricks" I've taken out, the grass didn't show up like I'd hoped.
 About eight of the "bricks" had holes in them from either smoking or something else.  I chose to take one row off and use the good "bricks" to replace the "bricks" I'd removed from the quilt.
 I had just enough good "bricks" to replace the removed ones.
On the middle left you can see a little bit of the batting that remains.  The dark white line on the red block is what's left of some heavy paper the sewer used.  It's sewn into the seam and is only on the red materials.  

There are many different materials all cut from clothes or left overs from clothes the sewer made.  There is corduroy, suiting, cotton duck, maybe even some wool.  

Now I think I'll try to get it dry cleaned, as it is very dirty, before I choose a backing and batting and tie it.  A UFO again for awhile?  We'll see.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

#30 - Paisley

 It has been a hectic few weeks and I'm glad for every little bit of time I can quilt.  I loved doing the Paisley design and loved the way it filled the practice block.

I liked the way the traveling stitches bring dimension to the design.  Leah did hers on the sashing of her quilt and I have a quilt that will be getting the Paisley quilting in it's sashes but doing it in a block I can see it will get used in a quilt top of my grandmothers that needs finishing (something for UFO Sundays)

King's Highway
I did get the homework done from week #28....Auditioning Designs.  Using the small scale for the audition was okay but I think it would be much better to do it on a full scale piece.  I didn't feel it really gave me a true example of what it would look like in real size.

I also felt limited in what quilting designs to use because of my limited knowledge of designs to use.  I'm really glad Leah is teaching us some new types of designs and feel these will help me in the future to choose designs that will fit the area to be quilted better.