Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tree Roots on Free Motion Quilting

Even tho the pattern this week, Tree Roots, is very similar to Bare Branches I found it much harder to do the travel stitching.  There was more "shadowing" then traveling on the stitching.

I really like the way the design looks on the whole cloth, tho, so I might have to practice it more to use on some real quilts.

 My question for Leah:  When I have done FMG for a long time and run out of a bobbin or top thread I notice the top of my machine is hot.  It has been running pretty much non stop but I'm wondering if the heat is normal or if I should be concerned about what's going on with my machine.  I sew with a Bernina 1130 S


  1. Ya- that looks really cool on a whole cloth.

  2. I LOVE your practice pieces! It shows the effect of design on different patterns so beautiful.

  3. YOu did a great job on the Tree Roots! And great question!