Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bare Branches

Leah Day is starting us on a new set of quilting designs and Bare Branches is the first.  The design is a study on travel stitching.  I enjoyed this stitch. 
The first row I did from memory while my husband was on the computer.  Boy is my memory faulty!  Really liked the herringbone look of the second row and can see it as a border design in a narrow border.

I liked the way you can fill in the empty spots from the row before, making it look more connected and not so much row by row.


  1. I love your pieced practice piece. You could really turn that into a small piece of art!

  2. I've tried to reproduce quilting designs from memory in the past and ended up with something completely different as well. You did a great job evenly filling the space with your branches.