Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tree Roots on Free Motion Quilting

Even tho the pattern this week, Tree Roots, is very similar to Bare Branches I found it much harder to do the travel stitching.  There was more "shadowing" then traveling on the stitching.

I really like the way the design looks on the whole cloth, tho, so I might have to practice it more to use on some real quilts.

 My question for Leah:  When I have done FMG for a long time and run out of a bobbin or top thread I notice the top of my machine is hot.  It has been running pretty much non stop but I'm wondering if the heat is normal or if I should be concerned about what's going on with my machine.  I sew with a Bernina 1130 S

Monday, July 30, 2012

July FMQ Challenge

Having followed Angela Walters for awhile I was excited that this months challenge was by her.  And a real challenge it was.  I made a wonkie quilt that Leah Day taught us how to do and applied Angela's tiles to it.

Being it was a space themed quilt I filled the tiles with stars.  It's hard to see the tiles in the picture.  This was definitely a good practice in straight lines.  Thank you, Angela, for a wonderful lesson.

I had the opportunity to use an older longarm quilting machine and gained a lot of respect for Angela and others who quilt with the longarm machine.  The detailed work they do and their perfection is amazing.  It was my first time and I followed a pattern but if I use it again I'm sure I'll do it free motion.
The pattern I choose to quilt in orange thread didn't show up too well on the front but really looked sharp on the back

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bare Branches

Leah Day is starting us on a new set of quilting designs and Bare Branches is the first.  The design is a study on travel stitching.  I enjoyed this stitch. 
The first row I did from memory while my husband was on the computer.  Boy is my memory faulty!  Really liked the herringbone look of the second row and can see it as a border design in a narrow border.

I liked the way you can fill in the empty spots from the row before, making it look more connected and not so much row by row.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Modern Quilt - Finished!

  What a fun and quick project Leah Day gave us this time.  I started with my favorite stitch, loopy lines just to feel comfortable.

  As I added the different stitches it got easier and easier.  I've decided the sharp stippling, was not one of my favorites!  I just couldn't seem to get the design set in my head.

And I had tried the circuit board earlier and felt it would be my hardest stitch but it turned out to be much easier than I had first experienced.  This is the "heart" of the quilt. 
 The backing material is a fun old print, who knows how long it's been around!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quilt Along #21 - Filling in the Quilt

I had trouble in arraigning my wonky blocks because I didn't have enough of the back ground fabric and it just wouldn't fit together right.  I scrounged up enough scraps of the blue to piece the additional block I needed to make a good size baby blanket.
As you can see, Dusty is a great help to my quilting.  My bed is the only place I have to lay out quilts and it's where he sleeps so he thinks I've come to give him my undivided attention.  Basting and quilting the zentangle lines were the easiest part of the project so far.

I put a heart in the middle as this will go to Project Linus when I'm done.