Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilt Along #20 - Modern Quilting Design

Leah Day started us on a new project that is going to be lots of fun while challenging my traditional views.  We are to take squares of any size and sew strips of background color on two sides and then cut it so the square is wonky to the square.
 I picked fabrics to make a baby quilt, something small for the first time.  I make most of my quilts for Project Linus so this will be a fun quilt for some little kid.
The real challenge was arranging the blocks with more background fabric.  This was as good as any. 

 Now to put it all together and start quilting.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quilt Along #18: Go Loopy with Loopy Line


This is the first time I've done a sample piece of Leah's Quilt Along.   I want to catch up with the first three and with any new designs will put them all together as a quilt.

Loopy Line will quickly become one of my favorite designs as I've been drawing the 3rd pattern for what seems like forever.  My middle initial is L and a capital, cursive L is very much like this pattern.

The block is a left over from another quilt and the strips were perfect for practicing rows of patterns.  But there was only four rows so the final, put-it-all-together pattern got it's own square.

 And as always, the back shows the design much better then the top.

 Looking forward to creating a modern quilt top next week.

June block for the Free-Motion Quilt Challenge

 I started this quilt in Feb. at a Project Linus Blanket day.   Once the top was finished and basted I knew I wanted to do some Free Motion Quilting to bring out the hearts.

 I've been following Leah Day for a few months and eventually found the Free Motion Quilt Challenge by SewCalGal.  The June challenge was hosted by Cindy Needham. Her feathers and filler seemed to be the perfect pattern for my hearts.  I have done feathers sewing on top of tracing paper so I had some idea of how to do them.  Doing them with FMQ was so much easier and I really enjoyed the flow of motion.  I felt I did a fairly good job for the first time.

 By the time I got all 12 of these hearts done I was very tired of them and was glad to be done even tho I enjoyed doing them.  The center cross hatch was the part I disliked the most.  Wishing now I had done something different in each heart.  Next time.
All in all it was a good learning experience and I will definitely use feathers again in a future project.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paper Pieced "Kids Picnic"

 The College of Great Falls has sponsored small classes in March in past years.  I took a paper piecing class given by Ann Wiens of Shelby, MT in 2010.  I wanted to make my project with fabric I had on hand.  I started with a cute kids picnic print and built on the colors in the print.
In my stash I found the yellow, red and cream tone-on-tone.  None of the greens I had would work so had to break down and buy one piece.  Not too bad.  

In class I was only able to get a few of the blocks done....another UFO to take home with me. 

I surprised myself and got it put together and quilted that same summer.  I didn't put any batting in it as it is to be a wall hanging.  And then it became an UFO....again!  I wanted to bind it in the green but I hadn't bought enough of that material so put it on the shelf for a couple of years.  It's been in my face the last couple of months so when I ran out of thread for another project I decided this was the day to get the binding on. 

I couldn't decide how to quilt it so I just quilted in the ditch around the bigger squares.  Since then I've found Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting blog and think I'll do some FMQ to give it some depth.  So, even tho it's "finished" it becomes another UFO!  Sigh.