Sunday, December 23, 2012

UFO Sunday - Christmas quilt

I am so, so glad that Leah Day started UFO Sunday!  Things are actually getting done.

My hubby suggested I make a Christmas quilt about 6 years ago.  I designed my own pattern using the method in the book Crosspatch, Inspirations in Multi-Block Quilts,  by Pepper Cory.  I must have a problem figuring out yardage needed because, again, I couldn't finish this quilt because of being a quarter of a yard short of the main material.  All I needed were 27  3 1/2" squares of the white material.
In trying to figure out how to finish it I decided to use a plain white since I could put the blocks on the outside of the quilt and it wouldn't show that much.

I had did some ripping and some re purposing of the white/gold material and add the plain white squares to fill in.  All in all, I think it turned out okay.

Now all I have to do is baste it and quilt it.  That may be put off again as it's a queen size quilt and right now I don't have any place to stretch it out to baste it.  But the top is done, a good feeling.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

UFO Sunday, Red Jacket

 I'm glad Leah said UFO's don't have to be only quilts!  The other day the drawers next to my sewing machine started calling me, loudly.  When I opened one drawer this is what popped out of it:

Pulling it out I saw it was a fleece jacket I'd cut out many, many years ago.  Why didn't I do anything with it then?  There were four darts, which I didn't like to do back then, and I needed lining.  So I got the darts done and sewed the seems all up. 

And then I put it back in the draw!  Guess what?  I still need to get some lining.  :<{   Maybe after Christmas I can get back at it.

Also hiding in these drawers are a vest (more darts), a skirt that is way too small for me now, and a wool coat that needs batting.  Next year!  Promise!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spiral Ornament & Cat Hairball Filler

This week I busted out two homework designs on one quilt.  This quilt is made from left over half square triangles from a different project from long ago. 

Both designs are easy. I used the Cat Hairball Filler for the HST. and I really liked it.  The design flows so nicely and there was no getting stuck in a corner with no way out.

I used the Spiral Ornament pattern for the squares.  It just seemed to be the perfect fit.  I'm hoping the designs define their area.

Friday, December 7, 2012

UFO Hearts and Bows - Finished

How sweet it is, another finished UFO!  It feels great and almost like a weight off my shoulders.  And this is my oldest UFO so progress is being made.

The Montana breeze was blowing enough to plaster the quilt against the fence.  We haven't had too many day without a strong wind...just part of living in Montana, I guess.

Leah Day asked us on Monday what our favorite quilt designs were.  I guess I would have to say those with loops as I did the background of the Bows in Loopy Lines.
I did the  background of the Hearts just in an echo stitch....nothing fancy, but wanted it different then the Bows.  Used Leah's homework for busting Flower in the center of the Hearts.
I like the way it fits the heart shape.

 With the oldest UFO done and on it's way to Project Linus I could play with a teddy bears sleeping bag for a little girl who just got a new baby brother.  And as he's getting all the gifts I thought she needed something, too.
 Using the Paisley for the bed part of the sleeping bag I realized that's another quilt design that is my favorite.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, though there are a few things I would do differently if I made another one.  Mostly making it a little bigger for the size of the stuffed animal.

UFO finishes:
1. Barn Wall Hanging
2. Cross stitch
3. Hearts and Bows

Saturday, November 24, 2012

UFO Sunday Cross stitch

A few years ago I got this cute little cross stitch with quilts on it.  There is a group of lady's that get together once a week to sew, talk, etc. and I only worked on the cross stitch if I had nothing else to do. 

Saturday I was looking for a UFO and found this cross stitch instead.....all but finished.  So I sat right down and finished it!  Took all of half an hour.  Now all I need is to frame it and hang it.

I also finished the crocheted edge of a fleece blanket for Project Linus that my mother started and ran out of yarn half way thru.  The yarn I got to finish it just didn't seen like the same color so it sat in the back of my sewing room.  I pulled it out and the colors DID match, so that is done, too.  Two things down, uncounted numbers to go.

And now I can work on my UFO Christmas quilt, which I'd put away because I'd run out of material.  I think I've figured out how I'm going to solve that problem. Woohoo!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 I decided to do Leah's Matrix design to quickly get this quilt done as it's going to New York with other Project Linus quilts from Montana to help with the Sandy relief.  Only fast wasn't in the works yesterday.  Too many interruptions and then my bobbin started breaking thread about an inch or two after starting a new row of stitching.  Finally figured the bobbin was wound funny and used a different one........

 ..........only to start having skipped stitches!  Patience...I can deal with this.  I'd had that problem once before and knew it was the needle that needed changed changed.  Did that but still had "toe catcher" skips......
At that point it was late enough in the day I decided to quit, thinking I might have to take my machine in for a check up, which had been done in Aug.  Decided to try one more needle change this morning and BINGO everything worked fine.
I love the way the back looks.  I used orange thread and thought it would disappear on the orange (looks yellow in picture) but it was the pink that it got lost in.

My question for Leah....what size needle do you use?  The first two I used were 90/14 and the one that worked was a 75/11.  How much of a difference does the size of needle make when quilting.  The 90/14 was recommended by my Bernina repair man.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Barn UFO - Finished!

I have a finish!  I'm so thrilled to finally get a UFO done.  Once I set my mind to it the job was quickly done.  I think there's a few little tweaks I could make but for all aspects it is finished.

 I used a form of Flowing Lines from Leah's Go with the Flowing Lines tutorial from the beginning of October to make the grass at the bottom of the quilt.  I used a light sage green thread for the grass.  I didn't want it to show up too much but still add texture.  And I put in a pebbly walk way to the barn door.  In an earlier post, I showed the Goldilocks design that Leah taught us a few weeks ago.
I wanted a sky that looked like there was air movement and
 clouds so used a simple line with  curves.  I like the way it turned out.  Now I just need to soak it in water and hang it on the wall.... after I show it to my mom, who made the top.  She should be very happy to see I finally did something with it after all these years!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jagged Lines and Lost Data

This weeks homework was Jagged lines and since I didn't get them done before Leah posted today's  Lost Data I split the practice piece and did one on each side.

Full block
 It really helped to have the lines on the fabric I choose.  :>)   I liked this design a little better than the flowing lines.  Maybe I have more of an angular mind.  Using only half of the 10 1/2" block may have helped.   Leah had mentioned on my last post to enlarge my pattern.  It did help to think bigger.     

Jagged Lines

Lost Data

I used medium blue thread hoping it would show up better on the green but it's still hard to see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trapped Pailsey FMQ #36

This week on the Freemotion Quilt Alone with Leah we put trapped Paisley in the gaps of Flowing Lines.  I love how it looks but it seemed to take forever to get from one side to the other.    Maybe it was because I was doing it on a 10 1/2" block and not in a 4" border.  I'm sure it would go much faster and watching Leah makes it look so simple.
I almost wish I'd used the backing for the front.   The dark green didn't show up real well but it is really nice.  I'm definitely going to have to try this out on a real quilt someday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goldilocks Quilt Along #35

The week seems to go by so fast and it's Wednesday again.  I didn't do my homework on Leah's Goldilocks Quilt Along on a quilt block this time, I used it for the roof of my UFO barn.  It didn't turn out quite as I envisioned it.

I was thinking this quilt design would look like the grain lines in lumber.  With the angled roof I started out okay but by the time I got to the right side the lines were going more up and down on both the top and side of the roof.  My biggest problem  was travel stitching on the flowing line if I wanted the gap in the middle of the line.  It was a concept I had a hard time wrapping my mind around and remembering to do.

You can see the detail a little better in this close up.  The gaps with the stippling are suppose to be knot holes.  I didn't put too many gaps in, didn't want it to look like they used a lot of bad lumber for the roof.   :>)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flowing Lines FMG #34

I really liked Leah's homework for this week.....Flowing Lines.  It was quick and mostly easy to do.  I did find the shortness of the block (10 1/2") limited the flow of curvy lines.

I could almost see it in a smaller scale.  But over all it was fun to do. Looking forward to trying it on a "real" quilt.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

UFO Sunday #7--Hearts & Bows

 My UFO's aren't disappearing very fast.   Maybe I have too many other things to work on.  I've got the bows and hearts quilt top all put together and basted so now all I have to do is think how to quilt it.

 The last heart blocks I quilted I did feathers on them and it turned out beautiful but I think I'll do something different on these hearts.  It's hard to tell the middle sashing isn't the same color as the rest.  If I do enough quilting on the sashes maybe the pin dots will disappear.

This dog baby quilt was what was taking most of my time.  It had to be done by last Saturday and I glad to say I even had time to spare after it was done.  He was fun to make, didn't think I had enough kid prints to make each strip different but there were even some I didn't use.  Mom was thrilled with it, now just hope baby likes it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pointy Paisley #35

This is the last of the pivotal designs.  Have really enjoyed getting to learn new designs and how to expand from the base design.  I think I should have started with smaller triangles.  It was hard to fill in the extra spaces and as other have mentioned there was a lot more travel stitching.  The backs are always better at seeing the pattern.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

UFO Sunday #6--Barn Wall hanging

A few years ago for my birthday my mom made me this barn quilt wall hanging but just gave me the top and told me I could finish it any way I wanted.  Ugh!  I thought and I thought and I thought some more.  I didn't really like the idea of a wall hanging so I thought maybe it would make a great table cloth.  The problem, though, was trying to decide how I was going to make it big enough to put on my table.

 So it got put away.  Last year I painted my laundry room and decided to add my sewing to half of the area.  In decorating it I pulled this barn out and pinned it to the wall.  Later I decided to put the black border around it, maybe to give me some incentive to quilt it someday.  Thanks to Leah Day and her UFO Sundays I have started to quilt it.

I really couldn't think of any FMQ to do on the barn walls so just did straight stitching.  Not sure what color thread to use for the flowery meadow, black because of the right hand corner, or cream, or even green for grass.  That will have to wait until next week as I have a baby blanket to finish by Sat.

I'm auditioning this green plaid for a background to this I spy dog.  I ended up using a high quality muslin instead.  I like it much better.  And I gave him a black ear as the one in the picture got lost on the muslin.   Now just to quilt him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snake Paisley - Quilt along #32

Continuing with the pivot designs on The Free Motion Quilting Project I found this design easier to do then last weeks Lava Paisley but I think it's because of having done the Lava Paisley.  It helped to have that design under my belt.  I continue to appreciate the progression of the designs and the fact we are building a repertoire of quilting designs.

 Others have mentioned this design reminded them of flames.  I was thinking it would look great as leaves around a flower design.....just one here and there.  This design gives great texture and movement to this piece.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFO Sunday #5--Hearts & Bows

I can't remember when I started this quilt.  It could possibly be my oldest UFO.

 I had planned to embroider a babies name and birth date in the center block but for some reason (lack of baby?) I decided to put another heart block in the middle only to find I didn't have any more purple pin dot material.  Trying to find material to match that purple was impossible and has been up to now.  No, I didn't find pin dot but I did find some plain purple that went very well.  Just had to wait for the shade to come back around again, I guess.

 So then all I had to do was finish the heart block, cut more sashing and posts and I'd be in business.  At this point life interfered again and now I need to get back at it.  But the quilt's in no hurry to get done......after all it's been at LEAST 25 years or so since I start it......what's a few more months?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lava Paisley #31

 Wasn't sure I'd have time to get this week's design done in time.  I've been taking my mom to physical therapy twice a week and it really bites into my free time as I live out of town. 

I found this design harder to do as I don't seem to do wiggly lines well.  I liked the smooth lines of paisley much better but I'm very glad Leah is introducing us to new designs and variations of each design.  That's the only way to grow and find what you like.